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The Institute for Implementation Science Scholars (IS-2) is a mentored training program for investigators interested in applying dissemination and implementation (D&I) methods and strategies to reduce the burden of chronic disease and address health inequities.

News and Updates

PUBLICATION: Strategies to Bridge Equitable Implementation of Telehealth

Members of the IS-2 Implementaiton Science and Telehealth Collaborative Workgroup recently published a viewpoint in the Interactive Journal of Medical Research highlighting opportunities to address equitable implementation in telehealth. Collaborative WG members include (ordered by Authorship): Allison Gustavson, DPT, PhD (2020 Scholar), Allison Lewinski, PhD, MPH (2021 Scholar), Ellen Fitzsimmons-Craft, PhD (2020 Scholar), Gloria Coronado, PhD (Core […]

Training Helps Scholars Put Their Research into Practice, Achieve Equity

Story by Timothy Poor, Publications Editor. Images by Tina McGrath Photography. Scholars from across the US gathered at the Brown School and on Zoom in November to participate in the first in-person training by the Institute for Implementation Science Scholars, IS-2 for short. The IS-2 program offers training in dissemination and implementation (D&I) science – […]