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PUBLICATION: Strategies to Bridge Equitable Implementation of Telehealth

Members of the IS-2 Implementaiton Science and Telehealth Collaborative Workgroup recently published a viewpoint in the Interactive Journal of Medical Research highlighting opportunities to address equitable implementation in telehealth.

Collaborative WG members include (ordered by Authorship): Allison Gustavson, DPT, PhD (2020 Scholar), Allison Lewinski, PhD, MPH (2021 Scholar), Ellen Fitzsimmons-Craft, PhD (2020 Scholar), Gloria Coronado, PhD (Core Faculty), Sarah Linke, PhD, MPH (2021 Scholar), Denalee O’Malley, PhD (2021 Scholar), Alyce Adams, PhD (Core Faculty), Russ Glasgow, PhD (Core Faculty), and Lisa Klesges, PhD, MS (Core Faculty)


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the rapid scaling of telehealth limited the extent to which proactive planning for equitable implementation was possible. The deployment of telehealth will persist in the postpandemic era, given patient preferences, advances in technologies, growing acceptance of telehealth, and the potential to overcome barriers to serve populations with limited access to high-quality in-person care. However, aspects and unintended consequences of telehealth may leave some groups underserved or unserved, and corrective implementation plans that address equitable access will be needed. The purposes of this paper are to (1) describe equitable implementation in telehealth and (2) integrate an equity lens into actionable equitable implementation.

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Gustavson A, Lewinski A, Fitzsimmons-Craft E, Coronado G, Linke S, O’Malley D, Adams A, Glasgow R, Klesges L
Strategies to Bridge Equitable Implementation of Telehealth
Interact J Med Res 2023;12:e40358
DOI: 10.2196/40358