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IS-2 at the 14th Annual Conference on the Science of D&I in Health

The 14th Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation in Health, co-hosted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and AcademyHealth, will be hosted December 14-16, 2021. This year’s conference theme – Broadening Horizons for Impact: Incorporating Multisectoral Approaches into D&I Science – highlights the importance of incorporating within studies, attention to the diverse contexts and stakeholders, not only within health and health care, but across sectors which have implications on health.

IS-2 Scholars and Faculty are featured during several of the plenaries, breakout, and poster sessions. For more information about registration and session details, visit

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

  • David Chambers, DPhil: Opening Plenary – Welcome and Introductions; Speaker (10:00 AM EST)
  • David Chambers, DPhil: Opening Plenary Keynote – Health Equity in D&I Science: Lessons Learned and Opportunities for Advancement; Discussant (10:05 EST)
  • Geoffrey Curran, PhD: Podium Presentation – Evaluating and optimizing patient-level interventions: Lessons learned from the perspectives of multiple stakeholders; Chair (11:30 EST)

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

  • Alyce Adams, PhD: Podium Presentation – From Policy to Practice: Studying the Policy Implementation Process; Chair (11:30 EST)
  • Rachel Shelton, ScD, MPH: Panel Session – Operationalizing health equity in implementation science: Refining and applying actionable methods and frameworks in the field; Discussant (11:30 EST)

Thursday, December 16, 2021

  • Leopoldo Cabassa, PhD, MSW: Closing Plenary Keynote – Building D&I Science into a Complex World: Perspectives on Emergency Response, Public Health, and National Policy; Discussant (3:30 PM EST)
  • Rachel Shelton, ScD, MPH: Oral Presentation – Highly motivated but lacking skills and collaborators to engage in health equity-oriented dissemination and implementation (D&I) research: Survey findings from health researchers regarding conducting health equity D&I research; Co-Author
  • Rachel Shelton, ScD, MPH: Oral Presentation – Adapt or not adapt: Lessons learned in culturally adapting an evidence-based decision aid to reduce mammography overuse among older women; Co-Author
  • Rachel Shelton, ScD, MPH: Oral Presentation – Teaching for Implementation: A framework for building implementation research and practice capacity within the translational science workforce; Co-Author

Poster Presentations

Best Poster Nominations
  • Leopoldo Cabassa, PhD, MSW: Presenting Author – Using the matrixed multiple case study method to understand site differences in a hybrid type 1 trial of a peer-led healthy lifestyle intervention for people with serious mental illness
  • Angela Kong, PhD, MPH, RDN and Yuka Asada, PhD, RD: Presenting Author and Author – Qualitative analysis of factors related to the adoption, implementation, and maintenance of an evidence-based nutrition and physical activity intervention in childcare settings serving low-income, racial/ethnic preschool-age children
  • Geoffrey Curran, PhD: Author – Variability of internal facilitation processes among hospitals participating in a quality improvement collaborative to reduce primary cesarean deliveries
Behavioral Health
  • Julia Price, PhD: Presenting Author – Evidence-based psychosocial care for pediatric type 1 diabetes: National survey on practice gaps and barriers
  • Heather Brandt, PhD: Author – Cognitive interviewing to improve an organizational readiness measure for implementation
  • Geoffrey Curran, PhD: Author – Can supervision support implementation of evidence-based practices in substance use disorder treatment programs? a qualitative analysis of organizational and environmental contexts in Arkansas
  • Allison Hamilton, PhD, MPH: Author – Acceptability of reproductive life planning in the public mental health setting: Patient and provider perspectives
Building the Future of D&I Science: Training Infrastructure, and Emerging Research Areas
  • Bethany Kwan, PhD, MSPH: Presenting Author – Resource requirements for training existing practice staff to deliver diabetes interventions in a pragmatic hybrid implementation-effectiveness trial
  • Allison Lewinski, PhD, MPH: Author – Collaboration strategies for early career dissemination and implementation researchers

Clinical Care Settings: Patient-level Interventions
  • Arshiya Baig, MD, MPH: Presenting Author – Adapting in-person diabetes group visits to a virtual setting
  • Kristen Nwanyanwu, MD, MBA, MHS: Presenting Author – Community-engaged determinants framework analysis with persons with severe diabetic retinopathy
  • Thomas Houston, MD, MPH: Author – Shared healthcare actions & reflections electronic systems in survivorship (SHARE-S): Monitoring and adapting with stages of implementation completion
  • Lisa Klesges, PhD, MPH: Author – Implementation and effectiveness of mHealth apps for improving sickle cell disease care during COVID-19: A mixed-methods evaluation
  • Allison Lewinski, PhD, MPH: Author – Adaptation of an evidence-based CVD risk reduction program for women: Promoting equitable heart health among veterans
Clinical Care Settings: System Level Interventions
  • Jamie Faro, PhD, MS: Presenting Author – A clinic implementation program providing cancer survivors electronic referrals to physical activity programs
  • Gloria Coronado, PhD: Author – Recruiting for a multi-level pragmatic trial in rural settings: What does it take?
  • Geoffrey Curran, PhD: Author – Barriers and facilitators to integrating universal opioid use disorder screening into primary care settings
  • Allison Hamilton, PhD, MPH: Author – Implementation of a cardiovascular risk screening and risk reduction toolkit for women veterans
  • Allison Lewinski, PhD, MPH: Author – Incorporation of video-telehealth into primary care visits: A rural patient and clinician informed algorithm
  • Robert Schnoll, PhD and Rachel Shelton, ScD, MPH: Authors – Assessing and comparing clinician self-efficacy to implement four evidence-based practices in oncology care
  • Rachel Tabak, PhD, RD: Author – Identifying optimal strategies for transition program implementation for adolescents with sickle cell disease
Global Dissemination and Implementation Science
  • Meredith Fort, PhD: Author – Mapping implementation strategies for delivering evidence-based hypertension interventions in low-middle income countries: Evidence from a multi-country consortium for hypertension control
Models, Measures, and Methods
  • Aimee Kroll-Desrosiers, PhD, Leopoldo Cabassa, PhD, MSW, and Alison Hamilton, PhD, MPH: Presenting Author and Authors – Evidence-based intervention adaptations within the veterans health administration: A scoping review
  • Heather Brandt, PhD: Author – Federally qualified health center staff’s understanding of the organizational readiness subcomponents from the R=MC2 heuristic: A rapid qualitative analysis
  • Ross Brownson, PhD: Author – Agent-based modeling (ABM) – an innovative approach for addressing mis-implementation in cancer prevention and control programs
  • Gloria Coronado, PhD: Author – Making sense of complexity underlying two CRC screening interventions using causal-loop diagramming
  • Jamie Faro, PhD, MS, and Thomas Houston, MD: Authors – Assessing pre-implementation activities in technology-assisted implementation science research: A realist review
  • Thomas Houston, MD: Author – Monitoring implementation of electronic alerts that promote tobacco use screening and treatment in oncology clinics
  • Robert Schnoll, PhD: Author – Rapid-cycle approaches to optimize implementation strategies to nudge patient and provider behavior change
  • Rachel Tabak, PhD, RD: Author – Dissemination and dissemination research: A scoping review of frameworks in empirical studies and a review of dissemination frameworks
  • Rachel Tabak, PhD, RD, and Ross Brownson, PhD: Authors – A scoping review of de-implementation frameworks and models
Prevention and Public Health
  • Yuka Asada, PhD, RD and Angela Kong, PhD, MPH, RDN: Presenting Author and Author – Facilitators and barriers to adoption, implementation and sustainability of nutrition and physical activity interventions in early childcare settings: A systematic review
  • Yuka Asada, PhD, RD: Presenting Author – Improving uptake of the child and adult care food program: Critical adoption and implementation strategies to advance equity amongst low-income communities
  • Christine Kava, PhD, MA: Presenting Author – Experiences with tobacco control implementation: Perspectives from employers and employees at small worksites
  • Rachel Tabak, PhD, RD, and Debra Haire-Joshu, PhD: Presenting Author and Author – Associations between implementation determinants and outcomes in an organization outside the health sector
  • Ross Brownson, PhD: Author – “Are we doing what we need to do to have the biggest impact that we can have?”: How state-health department staff adapt programs to enhance effectiveness
Promoting Health Equity and Eliminating Disparities
  • Gloria Coronado, PhD: Presenting Author – Diffusion of newly recommended annual colorectal cancer screening among African americans aged 45-49
  • Geoffrey Curran, PhD: Author – Promoting health equity: Developing a method for cancer genetic testing referral that meets the needs of clinics working with underserved populations

D&iTunes: A Musical Session with Dr. David Chambers

In addition, IS-2 Core Faculty Member and Science of D&I Conference co-chair, Dr. David Chambers will be hosting an evening of music and casual conversation to unwind after a great first day of sessions at the virtual show. You’ll be pleased to know David takes requests ahead of time! If there’s a song you would like to hear, please fill out this brief request form.

Date and Time: Tuesday, December 14 at 4:30 p.m. E.T.